An electronic booklet conceived and written by Sairica Rose
Adapted for the internet by Clancy Hood

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C.C.C.P. – 25.04.1977

I am
I can
I shall

(and I will.)

I should be
I would be
If I could

(and I might.)

I could have
I should have
And I would have

(I did not.)

For I would have been
What I could have seen…
What I should have been

(I’ve forgotten/I forgot.)

And what would
I have been now
If I had

(or had not?)

Would you have ….if I had?
Would you have … if I had not?

“Grammar – The Perfect Conditional”
Subtitles for a Silent Movie, 2007


For the evangelist in all of us ...

Press play button to listen to “Uno” - One of Us is Invisible, 2011


Carmine was the shade of lipstick my grandmother, Rosa, wore... whenever she went to war.

Press play button to listen to “Carmine” - One of Us is Invisible, 2011
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Subtitles for a Silent Movie

(Bilingual English-Spanish Anthology)
Reactor Press 2007
“Subtitles for a Silent Movie is a first collection by a poet whose stark imagery and deft use of metaphor betray not the least sign of inexperience. Succinct, stylish and boldly original, it cannot be called experimental since all its experiments have worked. Sairica Rose is that rare thing, a poet whose accomplishments seem fully formed on her arrival.

There are no safe places in her work, which lights the darker side of being with un-shuttered clarity, never flinching from pain nor afraid of exposing her own fear. It is probably this serene confidence in the face of anguish which lends her voice such authority: she has coined a language for the chaotic, half coherent thoughts and feelings lurking at the edge of consciousness, and found expression for what had been inexpressible. That’s what poets do.”
Touch & Go Magazine, London
“...beautiful, disarming and approachable all at the same time.”

Reactor Press
Cover illustration - Layil Umbralux
Books Continued

One of Us is Invisible

Triallibres, 2011
“Put that video thing down and check out the movies this woman's poetry reels out for your brain. One is simply wherever she is.”
L. Gabrielle Penabaz
“Sairica Rose has proved herself a consummate stylist and intrepid voyager through the dark underworlds: her first collection Subtitles for a Silent Movie brought her poet’s laurels in abundance. In her second book of poems she turns outward to the teeming world around her. She has spotted so much on the move, divined so many hidden portents, blown so many people’s cover, shot such action through a shattered lens and set down all the glinting shards indelibly. Here is a poet the world will be reading for a long time, who has captured its fevered image in a form more durable than brass.“
Christopher Hood
Cover illustration - Layil Umbralux
“The virtuoso of silence
would say that …

… this moment is not the emergency,
nor the waiting room.”

“Tolkah” - Subtitles for a Silent Movie, 2007
“I take a moment
to thank you
and whoever consigned you
to another car
and another track,
safe in the taillights of my memory.”
“The Girl Who Jumped from the Train” – Subtitles for a Silent Movie, 2007
Photo: Richard Hadley